Thanksgiving: I’ve been thinking about it all wrong…

In the past, Thanksgiving has meant a break from the routine. In my family (at least the one in Texas, many years ago), it meant Longhorn football.

Over time, when I had time to come home, it meant a trip to a relatively warm place and sometimes large family dinners, and sometimes a “turkey trot” race beforehand.

It was at that time I began to dislike such holidays but I continued to dutifully go to them anyway.

Now I’ve become a “Holiday Grouch”.


But: for one, I married someone who does want to open up her home to at least selected others (this year: her “special needs” nephew).

I should remember: I do get “time off” many weekends in a year and I’ve gotten a chance to do a lot. Others might not have such luxuries.

So instead of Thanksgiving being a time for me, me, me, me…I should see it as a time for someone else. That will be a tough switch to make as I am inherently selfish.

Oh, it won’t be all bad for me. There are some university basketball games (one tonight, two on Saturday) and an NFL game on Sunday, and a Turkey Trot run.


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