Am I that bad? (yes and no…)

I got tagged by this facebook post:


Well, to my knowledge, I’ve never taken photos of their butts; I did take one “full frontal” shot of them during a 5K many years ago. I DID take one butt shot during that race, but it was of a woman that richly deserved it (my wife). I HAVE clicked “like” on a couple of their “rear view” shots that they posted.

But I decided to have some fun with their jab (and change things just a tiny bit)


(note: my online persona is a goat..for different reasons)

I am reminded a bit of this.

On another note: one of my friends is a strong runner (sub 3 hour marathon PR) and does multiple marathons. His report of the Flying Monkey marathon is hilarious. Here is one (of many) of the signs on that course:



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  1. […] difference between a “butt shot” and a mere “photo from behind”? I had a (former) FBF complain about what she thought was spandex shots of women..though many (most) were pose…. That made me think: “what is the difference between these two race photos”, other than […]

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