Big Dreams but no motivation (marathons)

I was thinking “maybe I should do this marathon (or ultra) or that marathon.

But today came up icy (11 F, snow yesterday) and I decided to go to the Riverplex to walk. I get there: no motivation. At all. I say “why not 10 miles?”

I go to the track and walk..13:25, 13:23…and tell myself: “get to 4-5 and make a decision”. 12:55, 12:36…getting warmed up and 12:41 (1:05:02). Ok, that is better.
Then it goes more or less smoothly after that 12:46, 12:46, 12:38, 12:37, 12:44, (2:08:35 for 10).

Note: this track is 7 7/8 laps is one mile so 8 miles is 63 laps, not 64. So I went slightly more than 10.

So, while this was not a workout “for the ages”, 10 miles is better than zero miles. But I had wondered: “is this time to build on previously built up fitness, or time to rebuild once again?” It is the latter; I’ve got a long way to go to get ready for my next marathon.

As far as who was on the track: a few geriatric couples, a few walkers, a few runners; two local tri/gym types, one former Steamboat 15K women’s overall winner and one young woman who would run 1/2 a lap and stop and walk and text. I was out there long enough to have seen several people come and go.

One thing I’ve noticed: when people tell a story, THEY are always the hero/heroine …the only one “doing it right” and either bad luck or someone else is to blame if things didn’t go the way that they wanted.

I suppose that I am the only one who makes mistakes frequently? 🙂 But I do.


November 22, 2015 - Posted by | social/political, walking |

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