Refugees take II: I say: “take some, but with conditions”

I’ll add to my previous post.

I am for the US helping out and dismiss much of the rhetoric coming from the various governors as “not in my backyard” stuff to placate the more reactionary members of their constituencies. And yes, an overreaction against these refugees plays right into the hands of ISIS.

But I have some concerns too.

Yes, some (not all) of the refugees are feeling war. But not all of them are; many are already safe from war.

Next: refugees have to adapt to our more universal cultural norms, and that includes freedom of expression. Some Muslims have a big problem with that:

Many coming from outside of the US do not understand that one’s religion is not “protected from insult/death penalty for apostasy” here nor are things like having a death penalty for religious crimes acceptable in the United States.


I think that when many people see things like the above (taken in Australia, I believe) they have pause. Of course, no one wants this in the United States, save a few of our own wackos (mostly Christian fundamentalist wackos).

So, new people here will have to accept our ways (which is true for all immigrants). Of course, aspects of their culture will enhance our culture.

I suppose that I am saying: yes, we should take refugees, but I see why others might have concerns and these concerns are not merely about bigotry.

And, of course, I think that using a religious test is morally wrong, though I am ok with using “do you understand that in the US we have freedom of speech and freedom of religion” test is fine…when used on ANYONE, regardless of origin or creed.


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