Refugees and mass murder

Many on my Facebook feed are politically aware. Most lean liberal and have gone the “how dare the heartless governors refuse to accept Syrian refugees” (not sure HOW they are going to refuse entry, but never mind that).

My take: I don’t mind the US helping out, AFTER the local countries have done their part. Saudi Arabia and the other Gulf States are wealthy and yet haven’t done all that much. So, I want to see them step up! There is no reason that Europe and the US ought to be expected to absorb people merely on the strength of them wanting to be here. And yes, many of the refugees are already outside of Syria; there are problems but in some cases, they merely want better economic opportunities.

I think that the West always being called on to save the day is just colonial thinking.


Why the attention on France and not on, say, Kenya or Beirut? I offer the following opinion: while it was true that the Kenyan attack was done by Somali terrorists, that attack, as gruesome and cruel as it was, is largely seen as part of a “sort-of” civil war between competing ideologies. Something similar can be said about Beirut. These attacks are more similar to, say, the Oklahoma City bombing in the US. Yes, lots of people were injured and killed in Oklahoma City, but that was homegrown terrorism and not an attack from the outside.

The Paris attacks are seen as an attack from the outside and not homegrown terrorism.

And yes, of course an American life is worth the same as a French life or the same as a Kenyan life or a Lebanese life. All of those killings were senseless, tragic and cruel. But attacks from “the outside” always draw more sympathy.


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