Crushes and infatuations on social media


I thought a bit about social media and wondered what I get out of it. Most of it: I like reading articles that others post (sports, world events, politics); it is like a large “reader share” area. I like discussing common interests (current events, politics, endurance sports, spectator sports) and I like seeing where people visit; seeing vacation photos is a bit like getting a postcard.

The “aw, aren’t my kids/grandkids special” stuff: well, I can do without that, but it comes with the territory and other people like it. So I tolerate it and sometimes duly hit “like”. I suppose if I “like” a kid/grandkid post, it is a sure sign that I REALLY like the person who posted in reality, I don’t like kids.

But, while I’ve never been a slave to public opinion, I DO care about what selected people think about me. Yeah, I get mini-crushes, both of the “woman” and “man” kind, and a “desirable” person showing me attention makes me feel good. I can’t say exactly what puts someone into my desirable list; it is a number of things. I won’t list those things though.

And no, I will not tell you who is in my “desirable” collection of social media contacts, aside from my wife and daughter. And as far as my wife, I really do look at her wall first when she has been away for a while (she frequently travels). I don’t do that as much when she is not gone, as I (mostly) know what she is up to when she is at home.

Now when I am around a very intelligent, highly successful intellectual (mostly scientists or mathematicians), I get a bit like Chester. It is sad, but it isn’t going to stop.


November 17, 2015 - Posted by | Friends |

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