Bears Rout Rams 37-13; bad game, great social outing

Workout notes; 2 mile walk in 26:00 on the treadmill. Just enough to sweat a bit and get lose.

The game


It started promising; the Rams opened with a quick touchdown drive which featured a nifty “run after catch” play in which the running back hurdled a defender.

But the next series saw the Bears hit an 87 yard touchdown pass when a tight end caught a short throw, broke 3 tackles and outran everyone else. It is rare that one sees that kind of speed from a tight end.

In a later series the Bears fumbled a punt inside their own 20 but the Rams only netted a field goal. Later the Rams fumbled it away and the Bears came up with 3. So it was 10-10 at the end of the first.

The second quarter saw the Bears take over.


The Rams did nothing on offense except miss open receivers. The Bears were able to line up with 7-8 men near the line of scrimmage because the Ram passing game was so inept. On the other hand the Bears ran very well; the Bears offensive line opened up bit holes for running between the tackles. So they had one long touchdown drive and on a later series, scored an 83 yard touchdown off of a screen pass. So it was 24-10 at the half.

The third quarter the Rams did have a drive (and a 37 yard pass) but had to settle for 3. That was their chance to get back into it.

The Bears had a 4’th quarter drive for a field goal. Then they blew up a poorly executed fake punt and kicked another field goal to put it 30-13; by this time the Bears were running a “vanilla” type offense to burn clock.

The Rams failed on a 4’th down attempt in their own territory and the Bears punched in another running touchdown to ice the game.

It was a complete butt kicking.

Socially: I went to the game with two friends: Linda and Jason (who we picked up in Springfield. Yes, they are Bears fans. 🙂

Here: LInda caught my despair:


Here are some photos of the view we had:




The stadium was more filled than this one of the shots is pregame; it wasn’t a sell-out but there were probably 50-52 thousand there, many were Bears fans.

The three of us:


Linda took this before the game and posted it: she called this photo “my bitches”.


Jason had to get this “hey, my eyes are up here” photo.



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