Illinois falls to Ohio State ground attack 28-3

Workout notes: 3 mile run outside (lower Bradley park); 34 minute 5K. Pretty slow.

Game: well, there were two big traffic jams on I-74 and that put us in game day traffic. So we didn’t get to the parking lot until 1030; fortunately Tracy is a very fast walker. And she was great company too.



Yes, there was a bigger than normal crowd. There were a few empties under the overhangs of the respective upper decks.


The game itself: reminded me just a bit of the Wisconsin game (24-13 loss) Ohio State controlled the game and outgained Illinois 440-261, piling up 283 rushing yards, much of it right up the middle. And Illinois had a few chances but made some key mistakes (fumbled punt, field goal hit the upright, botched hold on a field goal) against a team that they had no margin of error to work with.

Illinois made a fist down (or two) on its first possession but had to punt.


OSU drove the ball and ended up with 2’nd and goal inside the Illinois 1 yard line when a TD was overruled by replay. Illinois stopped the short yardage play (another replay). But on 3’rd down; the OSU line went offside and then on 3’rd down, they got stopped (running play). Then OSU missed the “chip shot” field goal!

Half the quarter was gone and it was 0-0! But eventually Ohio State got the ball back and, though they moved it by running, a 24 yard pass to the left of the end zone provided the TD.

Illinois managed a drive that ended with a field goal; the only points for the Illini. The defenses played well and Ohio State declined to go for it on a couple of 4’th and 1.


And yes, Illinois managed a long field goal try (50 yard) which BARELY missed; it hit an upright. An exchange of punts pinned Illinois deep with time running out in the half.

Ohio State got the ball back and managed a quick touchdown, this time using the short passing game to get into position.


So, it was 14-3 at the half.

Third quarter: lots of running; Illinois tried to hang on.


Illinois had another shot at a field goal but the hold was botched (couldn’t tell if the snap was bad or not)

But the defense eventually wore down and a 75 drive yard drive resulted in another touchdown; it was now 21-3, OSU.

The Illini did thwart an OSU drive by forcing a bad throw and getting an interception.

The 4’th quarter was more or less the same. Some Illini drives came up empty. But Illinois fumbled an Ohio State punt to give OSU the ball at the 10; OSU punched in easily.

From then on; OSU mostly kept it on the ground and burned clock.


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