Facebook parents, parents in general and Yik Yak…

Workout notes: it was 38 F (just above freezing) and I decided to skip swimming and walk instead: about 10K at a steady pace. I chose a hilly Bradley Park course; note that the Cornstalk bathrooms are boarded up for the winter and that the park hasn’t closed the gates to the hill as yet. There is still one port-o-potty at the softball field.

I wore three shirts and leggings underneath shorts (long underwear, really).

Weight: 187.5 after the walk (I didn’t sweat that much, but my kidneys were very active).


About that “humble bragging” by parents (via NPR) or just plain “Facebook Parents”: You are pretty average and so are your kids, as am I and as is my kid.


But I am not really worried about people having a “better life” than I have; I am mostly interested in current events, politics, basketball and football, running and walking, cute goat photos and female spandex butt shots anyway. I just scroll through the “my kids (or my life is) are AWESOME” stuff anyway.

Now a word about our lives: I am friends with many runners and racewalkers, who are at a variety of levels. Some of my fellow runners struggle to break 40 minutes for the 5K run. Others have racewalked a 40 minute 10K (not a misprint); these people include Centurians (100 mile walk in under 24 hours at a sanctioned, judged race), former track team members, and people who are even slower than I am (they do exist!).

Many times, people post a photo of their finisher’s medals and these photos get tons of “likes”. And when my unathletic wife posts that she walked 2 miles, she gets tons of positive comments, likes, etc.

But I posted this photo and got very few likes:


Marathon and beyond finisher’s medals

In this photo: all are finisher’s awards for a marathon or beyond; this includes 4 100 mile finisher’s awards, 2 50 mile finisher’s awards, 24 hour race awards (distances range from 47 to 101 miles), 50K, 30 mile (48 km), etc.

Yet I got few likes. Why? My guess: I posted this in response to my feeling bad about a bad race performance (but still a 30 mile finish); it was to remind myself that I had a LOT of long distance finishes, and even if these are coming to an end (no: I am NOT going to quit trying), well, I had some good times.

But people being honest about disappointment isn’t going to attract much in the way of attention on a site like Facebook. It is just human nature.

Colleges and Yik-yak: yes it is a bad idea for a college to ban a site. Hey, when it comes to the internet, people will be mean and rude, ok? If there is a serious threat made, that is illegal and we can let law enforcement handle it. And yes, I’d be against a college banning Stormfront or VNN (no, I won’t link to those sites).


November 13, 2015 - Posted by | marathons, social/political, walking

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