November 10 Republican Debate: Republicans are a different species?

I watched last night’s “varsity” debate. A decent Summary is here. This is another excellent summary which highlights some differences between the candidates.

Some thoughts:

1. It is as if Republicans have never heard of basic macroeconomics.
2. All of their tax plans have a disproportional benefit to the wealthiest among us.


3. Only Carson mentioned Sanders. All of the rest attacked Hillary Clinton again and again, with Fiorina going after her the hardest.

4. Many of the Republicans don’t understand progressive taxation: 10 percent for someone making 30,000 a year is vastly more important to that individual than 10 percent of someone making 300,000 per year.

5. Some of the candidates actually gave praise to some of what President Obama is doing (Kasich, Carson, Bush)

6.Fiorina and Cruz have mastered either “lying while sounding sincere” or speaking forcefully on matters that they know nothing about. Fiorina got wild praise for saying she’d do stuff that we are already doing (Middle East) and Cruz repeated the “Congress is exempt from Obamacare” lie.

7. There was a huge fault line between Rubio and Paul on defense spending.

8, There is also a division between the “adult immigration” plan and the “send ’em all back” types.

9. Kasich and Bush actually spoke elegantly about banks (having the assets to cover investment risks) that just confused the heck out of the Fox Business News talking (pin)heads.

10. A list of the “new” Republican ideas: mining coal, gold standard, deregulation of business, no minimum wage. Hmmm, it seems as if we tried that. Is the “Gilded Age” a Republican utopia?

11. Republicans are at least mentioning income inequality. But their prescription: LESS regulation! Seriously. They act as if large businesses doing well at the expense of small ones is the result of large governments. I can’t believe it was a Republican (Teddy Roosevelt) that broke up the monopolies.

12. Rand Paul needs to understand correlation vs. causation (that large cities have lots of rich people) and Rubio needs to learn that it is “fewer philosophers”, not “less philosophers”. Philosophers got attacked; not that this is a bad thing.

13. Some hate the TPP; Kasich actually supported it. Paul reminded Trump that China was not a part of this.

14. Trump spoke favorably about PUtin intervening in Syria. Rubio called him a “gangster”. Paul cautioned about “no fly zones” stepping on Russia: do we really want more war?

Of course, given that many of the questions (not all) were larded with GOP-friendly hypothesis, I’d imagine that the Republicans liked this debate. But seriously: it is almost as if Republicans have come from a different planet than I do. Every time I get sick of stupid liberals (there are some, and they are noisy) I think that I might join the Republicans, and then I see this. Oh boy. There is nothing for me here.


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