College sports: Bradley Basketball and Missouri Football

Workout notes: swim only (then some yoga); hips and calves are still a bit tired and sore.
500 easy, 5 x 100 (alternate side, free), 5 x (50 drill, fins, 50 free), 6 x 100 (alternate free, pull), 100 with fins (back, free)
Then more yoga.

College Sports Yes, the President of the University of Missouri is stepping down; it appears as if the publicity generated by the football player protest hastened it a bit. I’ve seen a video of this president in action: it appears as if he didn’t have the PR skills or savvy to be a big time college president in this day and age.

I watched Bradley Basketball tonight: they beat St. Joe’s (Indiana, D-2) 84-65. BU was up 83-51 with 5 minutes to go. Yes, St. Joe’s had lost to Butler 106-66 so Bradley’s result wasn’t that surprising.

BU could at least make layups; something they didn’t do well last year. But this roster has 10 freshman, 1 sophomore and 1 junior and 1 senior (the other senior can’t play this season due to a bad back). They will suffer against D-1 competition and especially in Missouri Valley play. But they’ll grow and I am confident that they’ll be pretty good a season and a half from now.


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