Missouri Football Team protest …

This article about the University of Missouri football team protesting racial injustice at the University of Missouri is interesting. Evidently, it started with some black players but now, evidently, the team has bought into it.

I don’t know the situation nor do I know anything about the racial climate at the University of Missouri.

But neither of those issues is the topic of this post. This post is more about student activism, in general.

On one hand, students come in with fresh sets of eyes and younger brains that haven’t been corrupted by decades of the “status quo”; they can help us older people question our basic assumptions. And there are times where I find myself saying: “they have a point; WHY is it “good” for things to be “this way”?

Also, students from different backgrounds bring different life experiences to the table, so to speak.

On the other hand:
1. Students rarely know as much as they think that they do.
2. Students often lack perspective, nor are they qualified to determine policy.
3. And, let’s face it: they are still 18-21 year old kids:


So, I cannot comment much on the actual Missouri Football situation. But it does interest me.


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