Holding myself accountable and warm fuzzies…

Warm fuzzy workout: easy 2 mile walk on my Cooper to Moss course followed by light yoga. I slept in and did not swim.

Why “warm fuzzy”: when I tried to restart running in 1993-1994, I started jogging this course. At first it took me 26 minutes to jog this 2.1 mile course; eventually I got faster as I lost weight. Fortunately, I am still faster than that…if only by a little.

My point: no matter how bad things go this weekend, I can remember where I came from.

Holding myself accountable: I signed up for the Mc-not-Again 30 mile trail event. Last year, I was close to being 2 hours behind the second to last place finisher. This year: the race director has allowed me to start early so I don’t hold things up.

My fear: is that I’ll quit over disgust at how slowly I am going. Yes, the early start gives me more daylight and I am planning to run a bit. And yes, I am in better “long distance” shape than I was last year.

But still, a LOT of the field will catch me. I KNOW that. I just need to keep going, even if I don’t like that I am going so slowly.

Being ashamed of my pace is not a good enough reason to quit.


November 6, 2015 - Posted by | ultra, walking |

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