I needed that: Rams whip 49’ers 27-6

Though the 49’ers suffered back luck when one of their stars slipped on the concrete in the out of bounds area, overall the Rams put it to them winning 27-6. Total yards weren’t close: 388-189, though the Rams had a run of 71 yards (touchdown), a pass of 66 yards (touchdown), and one of 49 (to the 2 to set up a TD). The 49’ers really only sustained two drives: the opener which set up a 54 yard field goal, and a lengthier one which set up a shorter field goal in the second quarter.

Otherwise, the Rams defense bottled them up, and the Rams punter (plus an untimely penalty or two) consistently gave the 49’ers poor field position for most of the game.


The first quarter ended 3 to 2; the 49’ers had the drive for a field goal and the Rams trapped the 49er running back for a safety.

But the Rams did nothing with the free kick; there was a promising pass play that ended when the receiver fumbled the ball and the 49’ers recovered.

In the second quarter, the dormant run game woke up with a spectacular 71 yard run off tackle and got a 2 point conversion on a nice pass to the “right middle”.


The Rams got the ball back and had just enough of a drive to kick a field goal to go up 13-3. The 49’ers responded with a nice drive to cut it to 13-6.

But then came a drive with a 49 yard pass to the tight end who almost made it to the end zone; he was tackled at the 2. Then the Rams scored on a sweep in which the runner managed to hit the pylon with the outstretched ball.


The third quarter: it appeared that the 49’ers might be back in it after a fumble was run in for a touchdown, but clearly, the person who recovered the fumble grabbed the runners facemask, albeit after the fumble. So the play was called back.

The 4’th quarter saw the Rams put it away on a nice 66 yard touchdown pass off of a screen.

Note: though the Rams passed for 191 yards, most of those yards came “after catch”; 115 of them on 2 passes. Otherwise, the passing game wasn’t that effective.

Stadium hint Barbara was great company and a good sport; we had a room at the Drury Inn, Convention center. Though the rate was 162 a night (before tax), that included a hot-dog, chicken tender, baked potato, chili, mac and cheese and salad dinner the evening before, free parking for the night and the game (20-25 dollar value, at least), and a hot breakfast (eggs, sausage, oatmeal, fresh fruit, juice coffee) before the game. So for two people, the extras easily add up to 70-75 dollars. And the hotel offers a fitness room (which I used for my pregame workout; and I met another fan there).

As far as seats: I’d avoid the row “CC” seats in the sections when the CC is the first row of the upper deck. Reason: you are right behind where people enter the section, and right behind a platform where people frequently stop to figure out where their seats are. We quickly found some empty seats 10 rows above us and those were great. The couple next to us moved as well.

Now the row AA seats are excellent; great view of the game. I like the OO row seats in the lower part (sections in the 100’s) as the wall is behind you and you can stand to stretch your legs and not bother anyone.


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