GOP Debate: repackaging deregulation as populism

Ok, the CSNBC moderators called the Republicans out on their crackpot ideas (Rubio’s tax plan, Cruz’s tax plan, Trump’s statements on Zuckerberg) and the Republicans took umbrage.

As far as “substance”, if you can call it that, there was the obligatory dog whistle about cops and the Black Lives Matter movement. Paul brought up the crackpot “audit the Fed” and “gold standard” nonsense; Cruz backed the “audit the Fed” nonsense.

But for me, the most interesting thing was the way that “small government which doesn’t regulate business” was packaged.

In the past, it was that evil government regulation that kept big business from offering us all of those good jobs.

Now: well, businesses and banks have to get big because of big government. And if we only deregulated, well, now the little guy would be able to compete! Watch Fiorina make this argument.

Oh, it is the same package all right, but it is now being marketed as populism.

As far as who did well and who didn’t:

Professional politicians: Rubio, Cruz and Huckabee had good nights.
Outsiders: Trump and Carson held serve. Fiorina: hard to tell. She actually sounded better than the other two, but is she too far down? She went after Hillary Clinton the most aggressively.

Some think that Christie did well. I am not sure.

Personally, I’d pull the plug on Bush, Paul and Kasich …and ok, on Chrstie too.

New Republic has a reasonable summary.


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