College Football: looking ahead

Workout notes: easy 8.1 mile run/walk in 1:53. Yes, this was slower than some of my “pure walk” times on this course, but the idea was to move forward with a minimum energy. I was ok with it. Note: it was a beautiful day and the Park hasn’t shut off the hills form vehicle traffic yet, hence there were cars everywhere. This is one time where I prefer nastier weather.



Now: 4-3, 1-2 in conference.
Remaining games: at Penn State, at Purdue, Ohio State, at Minnesota, “home” game vs. Northwestern in Chicago.

“Almost impossible to win” game: Ohio State at home.
“likely losses”: Penn State and Northwestern.
“sort of toss-ups”: Purdue and Minnesota.

Fact: 1, 0, 1, 1. These numbers represent the number of road/neutral site wins Illinois has had in the regular season from 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014. Though as many as 3 wins are possible, I see 0 or 1 wins as being far more likely. I see 5-7 as being the most likely outcome though 6-6 is possible. My call: 5-7.

Texas 3-4.

Games remaining: at Iowa State, Kansas at home, at West Virginia, Texas Tech at home, at Baylor (ouch).

Toss ups: Iowa State, Texas Tech
Likely win: Kansas
Likely loss: West Virginia
Forget about it: Baylor (even without that QB)

Similar situation as Illinois; they have to win the likely win and sweep the toss ups. 5-7 is the most likely with 6-6 being possible. I’ll go with 5-7.



Navy is 5-1 with the following left: South Florida, at Memphis, SMU, at Tulsa, at Houston, Army.

Likely wins: SMU, Tulsa
Toss ups: South Florida, Army (Navy is better, but this is a rivalry game)
Likely losses: Memphis, Houston.

I see 2-3 losses on the horizon so I’d envision 8-4 or a 9-3 final record, followed by a nice bowl game. My guess: 8-4. Maybe a trip is in order? 🙂

Notre Dame


ND is 6-1 but has a challenging schedule ahead:

At No. 22 Temple, at No. 25 Pitt, Wake Forrest, at Boston College, at No. 10 Stanford.

Toss ups: Pitt and Stanford
Likely wins: Temple, Wake Forrest, Boston College

ND could well lose 3 more games, though I think 1-2 losses is more likely, with 1 loss being the most likely outcome. Pitt is usually trouble for them. Still 10-2 or 9-3 is a solid season, and I anticipate a good bowl game for them. Yes, 11-1 is POSSIBLE for this team, but I don’t think that the defense is strong enough to pull that out. I call it 10-2.


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