Photos from the marathon

Workout notes: No lifeguard at the pool, so I did a “cornstalk classic” 4.2 mile walk in just over 1 hour. I didn’t push at all. Yoga (including crow, backbend and headstand) afterward.

Issues Well, I am seeing articles about colleges and universities not dealing with “non-pc” stuff very well (with regards to invited speakers and editorials in student newspapers).

I’ll have more to say on this later; this sure looks like the “coddling” that even President Obama warned about.

Now I understand that some ideas have no merit at all; only crackpots believe them and those in the profession have examined them and found them to be without merit.

But there are areas that have not been completely worked out and places where alternate points of view could be at least entertained. For example, I learned by entertaining (and then rejecting) the thesis of the book The Bell Curve. Examining that book at its ideas left me knowing more than I did before.

It is sort of depressing to find that, at times, people who hold different opinions often give better arguments than many who support your point of view. But that has happened to me time and time again…of course there are also smart people who share my point of view. 🙂

Marathon walk
At the end, my feet hurt and I was just holding on. This was a tough effort for me.

My time (5:49): on one hand, it wasn’t one of my better walking marathons, though it was my best “100 percent walk” since 2009. But when one corrects for age it was right in line with *most* of my walking marathons/50K from 2002 to 2009; it was right in the middle of the other performances that I was ok with.

I didn’t realize it at the time that I finished the race though. I just know that I was tired and that my time was slower than it was 6 years ago.





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