On having that one “really good” long distance performance

Workout notes: 2000 yards of swimming. 1000 yards of warm up, 500 of 50 drill (fins), 50 swim, 6 x 50 on 1:05 (about 55 seconds each), 100 back, 4 x 25 fly with fins. That was enough for today.

A friend’s comment on a Facebook post made me think about this: it seems that after my “101 miles of walking in 24 hours” performance in 2004, I’ve never been the same. Example: in 2002 I walked a 4:44 road marathon. After that 100 miler, my best walking performance has been 5:13. Prior to that, I had run sub 22 minute 5Ks. After: nothing faster than 23; I haven’t broken 24 in almost a decade.

Now my friend reminded me that I took a big hit after my knee operation in 2010 (my 5’th; 2 in the 1970’s and 2 in 1984) and I really went downhill after that. In 2009, I did walk a 5:14 and a 5:2x marathon and finished a grueling, muddy 100 mile trail even (albeit in almost 48 hours). I haven’t even made it to 60 miles since (though I got 59.9 miles this June). My marathons have been a disaster too; 5:44 was my “walk/jog” time in 2013 and I flopped big time in 2012. So yesterday’s 5:49 marathon walk was my fastest “pure walk” time since 2009, and not even my worst! Still, it was a depressing time, given that the course wasn’t that hard and that the day was PERFECT.

But I wonder if sometimes life changing athletic events take a bit out of you, for good. Or was it the injury?

Ah, it doesn’t really matter, does it?

I do know that my training (a little bit of lifting, swimming, walking and running) will never allow me to get “good” (by my standards) at anything. But it is getting me to the finish line while keeping me out of the doctor’s office.


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