Marathon brain….

By “marathon brain” I mean my tendency to get overemotional and illogical when I get very tired.

I had a lot of that today.

1. At about mile 14, I seriously considered dropping out. There was one (2 year older) guy following me; he was to beat me convincingly at the end. But he was running.
Why? I was embarrassed to be so slow and so far back in the pack; only two runners finished after I did.

2. I knew that the course had an uphill segment from mile 17 to 22 and was downhill from 24 to the finish. But I was so ready for that downhill to start; I remember getting upset that “we were still only at Wisconsin Ave.”

ONLY THE MILEAGE matters..not how the course includes the mileage. Bottom line: at mile 21, mile 22 would be next, no matter how the course was designed. I also whimpered at anything resembling an upgrade (incline).

3. In Glenn Oak park: you enter at mile 23 and leave a mile 24. Simple, right? Well, I was getting upset that the course was taking me further and further to the right (north) when I was ready to go to the left.

Uh…a mile is a mile.

4. At mile 26 I was ready to be done. Craig saw me and said something encouraging…I whined “do we have to go ALL the way around the Civic Center to enter it (where we finished)” He reminded me that 0.22 miles is 0.22 miles, no matter how the course is laid out. He made a crack about it being like being stuck in a “boring math professor’s lecture” and that made me laugh.

I continue to be amazed at how illogical and whiny I get when I am very tired.


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