Admitting when a phase of your sporting life is over…u


Weather: perfect; a few degrees over freezing at the start, and it stayed cool the whole way and it wasn’t that windy. I was rested, tapered, trained…didn’t have much excessive life stress and, aside from burning nose and eyes (allergies?) I was in good health.

So look at the above: 2’nd from last; the next person after me was a wheel chair guy (he has guts) (update: the wheel chair guy is listed in a different category)

Bottom line: I no longer have the capability to show up at a 6 hour time limit marathon and “just walk it” and expect to finish. I got away with it here due to the reasonable course and the cool day. So from here on out, if I sign up for a “walk only” marathon, it will have to be one that has a long time limit, or perhaps an 8-12-24 hour event.

If I do decide to sign up for a 6 hour time limit marathon, I’ll train to jog at least a bit of it.

The event itself Well organized in all phases; I can recommend it.

My race: It was actually going ok. Various volunteers (who are friends of mine) went out of their way to make it a bit more fun for me, with cheers, jokes, ribbing, etc. And Tracy did a little bit of the course (1/4 of a mile?) with me as we passed her house.

I was doing ok but was wondering about my early effort. Then the course split between the half and full marathon and, I didn’t realize how far back in the marathon field I was. There was me, and older man in red (who got away from me at mile 17 or so…he was running), a wheelchair person (who finished!), a younger woman and a well built guy who would get ahead and then wait for her. That was pretty much it.

I really struggled on the solo stretches; at mile 18 I made the decision to keep a “safe” effort to avoid getting sick. That worked, but the hit on my pace was pretty significant. My last 4 miles were walked at just over a 15 minute per mile pace, which is really bad given that we had finally gotten off of the uphills. I just wanted to finish, and I was tired and my feet hurt.

Emotionally: I was very mixed.

One one hand I fought off the temptation to just quit. Here is one reason why: I KNOW that Mat (who ran a 4:35), Jason (who ran a 3:09) and Theresa (who finished a gnarly trail 30 miler last weekend) would ask me “why did you quit”?

I couldn’t say I was injured, because I wasn’t. I wasn’t sick and I was well on pace to beat the cuff off.

I was ready to quit out of embarrassment of being alone and being so slow; this was 1:05 (one hour, 5 minutes) off of my walking PB..though it was far from my personal worst too.

Quitting because “I am embarrassed and slow” isn’t good enough.

So I am happy I toughed it out and gave it an honest effort; it was my best effort since 2009 and my fastest “walk only” time since 2009; I did a walk/jog marathon about 5 minutes faster in 2013 (hot day).

On the other hand: it tough for me to admit that I am no longer a “reasonably fast” walker; frankly I am in the “you suck” territory. Well, that phase had to end sometime and I am grateful that I have the health to do it at all. But reality means that I am in a different phase of my running/walking life.

Note: this is my 56’th completed “marathon and beyond” (I count “fast ass” events) so now I have one for each year of my life. I’d like to keep that average up.


Mile 1 11:55
Mile 2: 12:19
3 12:26
4 12:05 (downhill)
5: 12:21
6 12:24
7: 13:14 (bathroom)
8: 12:55
9: 12:33
10: 12:41 (2:04:57)
11: 12:45
12: 12:57
13: 12:38 2:44:50 half way
15: 25:26 (3:08:35)
16: 12:47
18: 26:20
20: 27:08 (4:14:52)
22: 28:37
24: 30:10 (5:13:40)
25: 14:53 (downhill) 5:28:33
26: 15:34 (going through the motions)
26.22: 5:49:25

Summary (Marathons completed; ultras are listed elsewhere)
1980 Maryland (Baltimore) 3:33: 1:38/1:55 + 17
1981 San Antonio 3:48: 1:40/2:08 + 28
1983 East Lyme (CT) 4:24: ????????
1998 Quad Cities (IL) 3:55: 1:50/2:05 + 15
1998 Chicago 3:46: 1:46/2:00 + 14
1999 Quad Cities 3:45 : 1:40/2:05 + 25
2000 Lake Okoboji 4:28: 1:50/2:38 + 48
2000 Indianapolis 3:38: 1:46/1:52 + 6
2001 Lake Geneva (WI) 3:40: 1:47/1:53 + 6
2002 San Diego 3:57: 1:50/2:07 + 17
2002 Rocket City (AL) 4:04: 1:59/2:05 + 6
2013 Peoria 5:45: 2:26/3:19 + 53

walking marathons
2002 Quad Cities 4:44: 2:21/2:23 + 2
2003 Park City (UT) 5:17: 2:33/2:44 + 11
2004 Quad Cities 5:13: 2:30/2:43 + 13
2005 Andy Payne (OK) 5:25: 2:37/2:48 5:25 + 11
2005 Quad Cities 5:34: 2:35/2:59 + 24
2008 Andy Payne (OK) 6:16: 2:45/3:31 + 46
2009 Rockford (IL) 5:14: 2:35/2:39 + 4
2009 Quad Cities 5:28: 2:35/2:54 + 19
2012 Lake Wobegone (MN) 6:58: 2:46/4:12 + 1:26 (86 minutes)
2015 Peoria (PNC) 5:49: 2:45/3:04 + 19


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