Democratic Debate: Clinton shines; Democrats openly embrace Obama

I chatted about the debate on Facebook and just a bit on Twitter. Here are my main takeaways:

1. The Democrats openly embraced President Obama. He had a video message to the audience and he was mentioned positively several times throughout the debates. Contrast this to 2007-2008 where the Republicans distanced themselves from President Bush.

2. There weren’t many big surprises there, though it would be expected that those polling lower get larger bumps in the polls, for statistical reasons. But by all accounts, Hillary Clinton had a good night.

3. Contrast this to the Republican debates, which were a combination reality show and professional wrestling event. The level of discourse was much higher here. Also notice that the Koch Brothers weren’t mentioned once, and Donald Trump was only mentioned by Gov. O’Malley, once. Bernie Sanders did mention that he didn’t have a Super PAC, but then again, candidates aren’t allowed to work with Super PACs.

As far as the candidates:

Lincoln Chafee He appears to be there to be able to say that he once “ran for President”. He is the only one that took direct shots at Hillary Clinton (“I never had a scandal”). Chafee was a life long Republican who got chased out of the party.

Jim Webb Another former Republican (Naval Academy graduate) who is there…not sure as to why. He is nuanced and knowledgeable but really isn’t going to fire up members of the public; he has no “show-biz” aspect to him. I see him as a great cabinet member (Secretary of Defense? Energy?)

Martin O’Malley One of the two life long Democrats on the stage (not counting Hillary Clinton’s youth days). He had nice things to say about contrasting everyone there vs. everyone on the Republican side. Is he angling to be a running mate?

Bernie Sanders Very passionate and those who like him REALLY like him. He did get hit on the gun control issue. Personally, he reminds me of an old rumpled activist college professor who can really fire up a very narrow audience. But he is too much of a “get people to get out the pitchforks” type..and he seems to not “get” that being a millionaire does not mean that much these-a-days.

Don’t get me wrong: I like Sen. Sanders (though I find some of his supporters to be like the old Paul-o-bots). But I see him as someone who can attain a cult-like following but not a broad, national coalition.

Hillary Clinton In terms of politics, she outclassed everyone there and everyone on the Republican side. Her political polish might turn some people off as it has, by design, a level of insincerity that turns off many of my friends. But I think being a national caliber politician means having a mastery of salesmanship. Personally: I like her intellect and her mastery of “realpolitik”; she understands that we aren’t going to get everything we want.

Some things I remember: Sheryl Crow wore VERY tight leather pants (sang the National Anthem)


Hillary Clinton responding to Lincoln Chafee that President Obama trusted her judgement:

Bernie Sanders saying that we are sick of hearing about Hillary Clinton’s e-mails:

Fact Check: there were some falsehoods, but nothing approaching what one saw in the Republican debate.


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