College Football update

Notre Dame: big game with USC coming up. USC, of course, lost some games and now lost a coach, but they have a ton of talent on the field. How will they respond? I give ND a slight edge due to the distraction.

Forecast: They are 5-1; to me, going 5-1 or 4-2 in the second half seems likely. They are a no. 10 type team this year. I’ll call a 9-3 season.

Navy They are 4-1 with a loss to ND last weekend and a bye. I see the second half as 6-1 or 5-2; Memphis and Houston are the biggest threat, and we can’t discount Army (rivalry). I’ll say 9-3; Navy has been a pleasant surprise.

Texas What does one make of this basket case team; humiliation one week and a great victory the next? Right now they are 2-4 with Baylor, Kansas State and Texas Tech in the future. Can they go 4-2 to salvage a bowl bid? Possibly; perhaps not likely. I’ll call 5-7. Open date this weekend.

Illinois 4-2 so far; one embarrassing loss, one tough road loss. But all 4 wins were home wins.
In the future: Wisconsin and Ohio State at home, Northwestern in Chicago (“home away from home”), Penn State, Minnesota and Purdue on the road. I see 5 of the remaining games as winnable, but that doesn’t mean that I think that they’ll win them all or even most of them. 2-3 more wins seems the most likely; perhaps a win over Wisconsin, Purdue and either Minnesota or Penn State or Northwestern? Or they are very capable of losing the rest of their games too. I’ll say 2-4 the rest of the way to finish 6-6 again though 7-5 is possible.

Note: Illinois could easily be 2-4, had Nebraska managed the clock better and had Middle Tennessee made that field goal.


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