An interesting article on Sen. Sanders…

From someone who knows him: evidently he has a reputation for being a moralizing scold.

I have heard him called a “sourpuss” by a member of Congress. But never mind.

Note: I am ok with that personality type; after all that is, well…ME. But I admit that I’d be a bad politician.

Here is the issue: to me, political skill matters, and not just positions. I do not consider him to be a serious candidate, no matter how annoying his supporters on social media are. Evidently the bookies don’t either:


But the Sandfleas and Berniebots can be pests; they remind me a bit of the rabid anti-GMO woo-woos. They might not know a statistical p-value from pea pod, but by Jove, they KNOW that they are right and are always willing to go the extra mile to “educate” you.


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