A blessing and a curse

During marathon taper time I tend to stare at my navel a bit more; it keeps me from running and walking too much.
One of our long time local runners posted this:


This was someone who was a 17 minute 5K runner as a middle age adult who became a 21 minute 5K runner as a 70 year old. He then suffered a horrible accident (almost killed by a car), could barely walk afterward…and is now running..8 minute miles while in his 70’s!!! To the rest of us: he is remarkable.

But he admits to being aware of other people gaining on him at races.

It happens.

My running buddy was an 8:30-9 minute per mile runner while in her 40’s. She now takes about 12-13 minutes per mile in her early 70’s. Privately, she has admitted that the smaller races are no longer fun for her as she ends up alone. I remind her that, for her age, she is a gazelle.

And yeah, where I was never a good athlete, it is happening to me too.


Now there are many reasons for this. Age, of course, lessens our abilities. Injuries do too; I had knee surgery in 2010. But, in my case, age lessens my ability to train; I simply can’t run as much as I used to. It takes a mental toll too; I don’t want to push as hard in training as I once did. So, as one ages, natural ability plays a more important role and I am not really built like a runner. That is one reason why my lifting and swimming has not taken as big of a hit as my running, though those have gone down too. My “11 reps with body weight” in the bench press has become 4.

But there is a blessing too. First note that I am wearing the same shirt in both photos. And, while it takes me longer to finish a set distance, I am still out there.

And a “good race” still has be doing a “happy dance” afterward..though these-a-days, my “happy dance” comes from breaking 25 minutes in a 5K (did that in 2014) instead of 20 minutes (did that in 1998).

And I still love my morning workouts; I love being on the roads as the sun is coming up and seeing that change in the sky.


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