On President Obama: Once people’s minds are made up…(left and right)

I was going to call this “Obama derangement syndrome” but I remember going through something like with with President Bush. Once he decided to invade Iraq, I turned against him. Sure, I DID vote for Al Gore in 2000 and was disappointed when the SCOTUS decided to go his way; this was a case of a statistical tie being resolved by a Republican Supreme Court.

But it turns out that President Bush did do a few good things toward the end of his second term and he did some good work combating disease in Africa. But it took a very long time for my ice to thaw.

And so it goes with President Obama.

From the left: many still see him as a corporate sellout and even praise from the liberal wing isn’t enough to change their mind. So when it comes out that the TPP might not be the horrible thing that some say (still figuring out all the details)…well, these critics remain unwilling to consider the new evidence.

But that is nothing compared to the “Obama is the antichrist” crowd. Listening to the media, one might conclude that President Obama is the most hated president ever. In fact, his approval numbers are tracking the historical average, almost perfectly.


In short: he has been pretty typical, in terms of approval. If you want low: look at President Bush.

Now some of the permanent Obama haters (left) pointed out that “approval” is not the same as “doing a good job” and I agree with that statement. Personally, I think that he has done a fine job: he has wound down some US involvement in wars, taxed the rich, stopped the job losses, gotten us at least a little economic stimulus, ended “don’t ask, don’t tell”, strengthened gay rights and gotten us health care.

But some of the left think that we shouldn’t have any war (I agree, but don’t see that as ever happening, under anyone) and we should have a more European socialist/capitalist economy. Those on the right: the elite Republicans are furious that the most wealthy have to pay more tax and the rank and file are angry that their version of America (straight, white, protestant, the rest of the world bowing to us) has been exposed as being unrealistic.

Ironically, President Obama’s conservative critics (I am talking about the sane ones; not the “Obama is a Kenyan Muslim” ones) have a more realistic appreciation of some of what President Obama has accomplished than many of the left wing critics.


October 7, 2015 - Posted by | Barack Obama, politics, politics/social

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