College Football weekend: assessing “my” teams..

Ok, my take:

Texas Fortunately, I “only” saw the first quarter of the TCU game:


Frankly I was a bit surprised. California and Oklahoma State beat Texas, but Texas at least looked like competent team…at home. But on the road: 38-3, 50-7 losses, albeit to good teams. I am not close enough to the situation to know what is going on; I do know that Coach Strong’s first two seasons at Louisville were 7-6 each; then came the 11-2 and 12-1. But right now, Texas is not competing, AT ALL.


Right now, Navy is playing really, really well, winning over competent football teams. I’d say that they are on a higher level than last year. We’ll see if Navy can avoid the injury bug.
They have been a pleasant surprise.

Notre Dame

Yes, they lost; their rally from a 21-3 deficit fell short. But I’ll say this: for the first time since the Holtz years, I can say that Notre Dame is becoming (“becoming, as “not there yet””) a consistently good team. I do NOT see them as a playoff caliber team. But top 15, top 10? Yes. They are on their way to being what they were under Parsegian, Holtz and Devine: “good most years, and a legitimate candidate for top honors every few years”.


I talked about the Nebraska game at length in a previous post. Now I know that this isn’t a vintage Nebraska team. But one must remember where Illinois came from: dating back to last season, Illinois has won 3 out of their last 4 Big Ten home games, and two of those wins came in the final 10 seconds of play. I can honestly say that Illinois is now a legitimate Big Ten team, albeit not one of the powers.

They have been a pleasant surprise; I now admit that they have a legitimate shot at winning at least 3-4 more conference games. I am NOT saying that they will. Realistically, Northwestern, Ohio State and Iowa will rough sledding. But Purdue, Penn State, Minnesota and Wisconsin are all winnable. I see them winning perhaps 2-3 of those games..IF they can play well on the road.

Sagarin Ratings We are now at the part of the season where the computer ratings start to make some sense.

ND is ranked 14’th in the Sagarin, which makes sense.


Navy is 41, atop of the AAC West and atop of the AAC in general. Illinois is 52’nd, ranked ahead of Purdue and Minnesota in the Big Ten West:


And Texas: is where it belongs: 72’nd (that high?) ahead of Kansas.


I really don’t understand why Texas has been so non-competitive away from home. Something is wrong.


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