Mass shootings: not much will change

Yes, I agree with what President Obama said:

But alas, nothing will change and the right wing politicians know this.

The embarrassing truth is that the rural right wing is over represented in Congress, be it from gerrymandering the House districts or from other causes (e. g. simple geography). And it is even worse in the Senate with every state getting two Senators, no matter how small the population.

So yes, Mr. President, I AM numbed to it, because nothing is going to raise our nation’s IQ. As far as the other advanced countries: remember that they are smaller than we are; their populations are more homogeneous. So, it is probably easier to get into this “we are all in this together” mode.

We, as a country, have problems, as do the other “large population” countries.


October 3, 2015 - Posted by | politics, social/political |

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