On getting older: yin/yang

Workout notes 5.1 Cornstalk hill run to Markin, then 10K on the bike (22:51) indoors.

The weather was PERFECT for running…I couldn’t have ordered up better weather. JUST PERFECT..nice and cool.

When I was heading up Maplewood the BU men’s track team was starting out….easily. Needless to say they were out of sight within 100 meters or so. When I shuffled past the coaches I joked about “catching up to them” and they laughed.

Later, while on Parkside, some young woman blasted past me at perhaps 6:30 mpm or so. OMG, I just hated myself for being so slow. 🙂 (note: my “easy” run pace varies from 11 to 12 minutes per mile these-a-days)

But on the way back from the gym (after the stationary cycling and a bit of yoga), some other young woman was coming up the sidewalk staring at her “smart phone” and was completely startled as she looked up and saw me (I was on the other side of a very wide sidewalk). So, I suppose I can handle not being that age. 🙂 Still, I wouldn’t mind getting my muscle back, but I don’t think that it works that way.

Speaking of aging: there are two highly successful research scientists are retiring. I found their accounts to be very interesting and well worth reading. Of course, their careers are very different from mine as they are research scientists and I earn my living by teaching; research, while fun and rewarding, is of secondary importance in my job.

Larry Moran
Jerry Coyne

Yes, I have a (very) modest publication record and I have no intentions of stopping or to quit learning. But while I don’t have lab work, I completely understand the frustration of investing a ton of energy and time into something only to come up empty.


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