Awaking my “inner Republican”: quite reactionary

I saw this article about a St. Paul “Black Lives Matter” group which is planning to disrupt the Twin Cities Marathon.

Now of course, I have no idea of what will happen but I can tell you, my initial reaction is the same as it usually is when other “activists” plan to impose their “agenda” on me. It is very “reactionary”; I thought “hey, voting Republican doesn’t sound like that bad of an idea”.

But, in my opinion, that is how modern Republicanism survives….they thrive on people being reactionary.

After all, modern Republicans are basically for “tax cuts for the rich”, full stop. Yes, that is even Donald Trump. All of the rest of what they espouse is merely a ploy for you to go along with “tax cuts for the rich”.

So, no I am not voting Republican because some obnoxious “activists” are morons.

But back to what the “activists” are planning (or say that they are planning): that is an interesting dynamic, isn’t it? My guess: if this sort of thing would become more widespread, people would merely move things away from the urban areas; heck that is pretty much the case anyhow.

Note: I live in the city where I could walk to work, and my main “complaint” (not related to our city’s incompetent snow removal) is sometimes (ok, rarely) loud college students who leave a random beer cup or can in the neighborhood. It is nowhere near bad enough to chase me out.


September 30, 2015 - Posted by | republicans, social/political

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