Felt surprisingly good…

I was a bit stiff and my butt was somewhat sore (glutes)..and I even thought about doing a rest day/recovery workout. But it was cool outside so I figured at give it a shot and do my hilly 8.1 mile course and walk it “deliberately” (not all out, but at a good clip and challenge myself a bit).


It went surprisingly well. I had a bit of spring to my step and got to mile 1.03 in 13:20; so I picked it up a little going down the hill. I got to half way in 52:36 and I challenged myself to walk the second half in under 50 minutes (the halves are identical). It ended up taking me 49:30 (last mile in 11:15) which is my fastest training walk in a while (1:42:07). While this is not fast, the course is hilly and features just a bit of gravel here and there.

That was encouraging … and only 10 minutes or so slower than my slower run times. Yes, that is embarrassing. 🙂 But, it appears that my walk training is working. One more serious training walk prior to taper time.

Other notes
I suppose that Donald Trump isn’t that “populist” after all, though his tax plan gives us a decent tax cut (a bit over 500 dollars a month!).

And this video is…ahem…uplifting.


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