Long walk: being a head case…

My mood: I am not filled with anger and rage..but rather with unease and angst….malaise if you will. I think that I know what is causing it. But never mind that.

I just know that if I don’t do my long walks, I won’t be able to walk my upcoming marathon in a time that I want. So I got out the door just before 8 am and went for 20.24 miles: I started from the house to the River trail..and came back the same way.


While on the trail I did three out and backs:


and I threw in 3 laps of the Goose loop to get 20:


The weather was fine: low 60s to high 70’s; a bit humid at times.

Along the Illinois River I saw a train engine pull a load along the track, come back, and then come back with another load. I saw a few runners, a few dog walkers, cyclists (the 10 mph variety mostly), duck feeders and two college club baseball teams warming up to play a game (Bradley vs. Northern Illinois). They were excited when the umpire showed up.

There was an art fair going on; one of the attendees asked “how far are you walking?” I said “I dunno” and he said “You were out walking 2 hours ago!”

Head case
And there you go. It was tough to get moving. I didn’t know what I was going to do until I stepped out the door and started on a direction. I figured I’d get to the river and decided what to do and after noticing how pleasant the river section was, I thought “why walk anywhere else?” I played all sorts of mind games on what spur to take to get the distance, but it really doesn’t matter. At this state of my training and life, there is no easy way to walk 20 miles. I can choose terrain, speed and pace (within my abilities) but, one way or another, it is going to involve a level of effort that gets me out of my comfort zone. There is no escaping that.

I also admit that I acknowledge other runners and exercise walkers with a nod, wave or smile. But as far as others, I merely move to one side of the trail to give them room and I keep going. For some reason, the loud, affected greetings annoy me. So, in that sense, I prefer the more impersonal lack of interaction that one has on, say, the Austin Hike and Bike or the Chicago Lakefront.

I think that when I am going hard, I am doing an exorcism of sorts.


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