College Football thoughts, week 4

I am getting ready to go out on a longish walk (5 hours).

My teams
Navy: appears to be stronger than I thought they were. Connecticut played Missouri tough but Navy handled them. East Carolina: took Florida to the wire and whipped Virginia Tech, but was dominated by Navy.

Texas: tough opening set of games; hasn’t quite turned the corner yet. Though Texas was dominated by Notre Dame, they were a mistake away from beating Cal and Oklahoma State. If they can get their confidence back, they can be a decent team by the end of the season.

Notre Dame What I thought they were; a good but, IMHO, not-top-5 team. It turns out that whipping Georgia Tech wasn’t as big of deal as they thought.

Illinois What I thought that they were. They got way too much credit for dominating a sleep deprived Kent State team. The last two games showed what they were: not up to snuff against middle of the road “power 5” competition, but roughly equal to a stronger C-USA squad. Fortunately, Minnesota, Penn State, Purdue are in a similar situation, and Nebraska and Wisconsin aren’t the powerhouses that they often are. The Illini have a shot at winning 3 of these games, though I think that 1-2 wins from among this group is more likely.

Outside my sphere

1. BYU getting hammered by Michigan surprised me. Part of it might have been the brutal start to their schedule: Nebraska, Boise State (wins), UCLA (narrow loss). But Michigan’s opening loss to Utah isn’t looking so bad right now. Michigan appears to be good again.

2. Utah and UCLA are strong this year. I saw some of Utah’s dominating performance at Oregon, who appears to be rebuilding this year.

3. The Big Twelve is wide open. TCU’s defense appears to be shaky (at best) and I don’t know what to think about Baylor, as their opening schedule has been very weak.

4. Ohio State and Michigan State: overrated. They are good, but IMHO, not 1-2 good. Northwestern: impressive wins against Duke and Stanford, but do they have the depth to be strong at the end of the year? I’ve seen them start strong before, only to fade at the end.

The only thing I can predict with confidence is that I’ll be missing a LOT of picks in my “pick-em” competitions.


September 27, 2015 - Posted by | college football, football

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  1. Navy….first real big test next week…glad they’re playing at home.
    Ohio State….needs to step it up…they’ve been playing cupcakes….I believe they are a #1 team, but need to firm it up
    Ohio U. lost a heartbreaker to Minnesota
    … and Army finally put one in the win column.

    Comment by Big Johnny Go Buckeyes Wachter | September 27, 2015 | Reply

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