A fun “promise” to myself and the state of the race

Workout notes: Conrnstalk 8.1 walk; I didn’t time the first half but did the second in 51:25 (11:27 final 1.03). I told myself that I needed to do some indoor track work, but the day was so pretty I made the bargain: do the final 4.05 in under 52 and we can do it all outside. It was a very pretty day.

Then 10 minutes on the bike, and yoga. I did plow for the first time in a while..and failed at headstand once (too far over) but got up and got it right back.

No damage at all.

State of the race: I don’t know what to make of Trump Walker dropping out has no effect. Sam Wang thinks that he might be fading. Others feel that this was merely a lark by Trump and he is surprised that he has a bonafide shot.

The betting odds:


Democratic nomination: Clinton 4/9, Sanders 11/2
Republican nomination: Bush 2, Trump 9/2, Rubio 6
Election: D 5/6, R 5/4 Clinton 6/4, Bush 9/2, Trump 10, Biden 12, Sanders 12.

What this means: x/y means that if you bet y dollars and you win, you get your y dollars back plus x more. “1” means “even money”. The smaller the ratio the more likely the outcome. Example: if you bet on Sanders to be President, IF he wins, you get 12 dollars to every 1 dollar you bet.


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