Yin/Yang long walk

The good news: I stood up to 22.2 miles. Bad news: too slow (5:46, or 15:37 mpm.) The pace on the uphill sections was kind of ghastly.

The course: 4.72 mile River course to start. Then 15.2 mile out and back to the 4 mile turn around on the East Peoria trail, with a 2.3 mile “spur” (.16 extra spur getting lost just a bit) so this would have been just 22 miles sans that little dip.




The 5K race yesterday may have taken a bit of starch out of me. Weather: nice.

55 F with 84 percent at the start. (8 am) 73 F with 37 percent at the end. Sleeves were a bit too much.

On the East Peoria part, there were a few cyclists and a couple of runners; perhaps a few slow walkers.

Of interest:

1. on the “from Bass Pro to the Fondulac part” there were some old ladies on recumbent bikes. They saw me again near the 4 mile run around on the East Peoria trail; one of them told me that I was “a determined walker who was doing well”.

2. On the path, I watched a cardinal hunt a grasshopper. It was both fascinating and sad: the little grasshopper fighting for its life and the cardinal trying to eat to live. Sorry, but nature, while pretty at times and fascinating, is also a brutal, cruel struggle for survival. Reasonably wealthy, first world humans have it good.


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