Richard Dawkins and college football

I stayed up later than planned last night to finish watching Texas lose to California 45-44. In a nutshell: just prior to the end of the first half, Texas lead 24-14 with the last TD set up by a fumble off of a sack. California rallied to cut it to 24-21 with a 4 play long drive, and then Texas didn’t play it safe, threw an interception and Cal cashed in on a field goal to make it 24-24.

Second half: all Bears at first…it got to 45-24. But then came a furious Texas rally which cut it to 45-44 with about a minute to go. But Texas missed the PAT (strong rush on the right side). Then Cal ran out the clock.
Texas made one mistake too many.

Notre Dame beat Georgia Tech 30-22 but that was misleading. It was 30-7 with less than one minute to go; then came a Tech TD, onside kick and another TD. Teams have to finish the game.

Richard Dawkins:

I love the way he sticks to the truth even when it isn’t PC. Remember that kid who got arrested because he brought his homemade clock to school? Dawkins was adamant that the clock was NOT and invention..and Dawkins was correct.
This is one reason why I prefer the company of STEM people.


Of course, this didn’t sit well with the “let’s wildly exaggerate everything a kid does” crowd…and reminded me of why I don’t like it when parents and grandparents talk about their kids.

People’s kids are almost universally ….AVERAGE ….as are their parents and grandparents. Yes, that applies to me and to my kid.


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