Giving up too soon: Hilltop 5K

Weather was nice and cool.

This was the start of the classic course, with a slightly longer Cooper st. segment; I was about 16:47 at 2 (by the map). I didn’t know this though; when I got back on Bradley going out toward Robbie’s gas station, I got discouraged and walked just a bit..then it took me 2 tries to get back with it. I let eyefuls of spandex get away.

Going back I realized that I wasn’t as bad off as I thought; I simply am not used to the intensity. So at the turn, I was a bit surprised at what I saw: 26:35. But then I used the map tool to measure:


THAT made more sense; this is like 26:36 for a 3 miler, or about 27:15 for the 5K. So I’ll record that.

Afterward I had a talk with a PT professor; he told me that a 5K uses several body systems, all of which degrade with time. Weight training uses mostly strength; hence a lesser decay.

Afterward I helped Barbara with her routine.


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