Leaving “all or nothing” thinking behind…

Well, I swam for the first time in months. Here is why I think that I dropped swimming and yoga:
swimming: if I didn’t have the energy for a hard 2200 yard (2000 meter) workout with intervals, why swim at all?
yoga: taking an hour of of the day several times a week was overkill and time sucking.

Well, I find that 10-15 minutes of a few yoga poses after a workout is helpful, and swimming…nothing wrong with 1000-1500 yard workouts every so often, just for fun and to loosen up.
It does NOT have to be “all or nothing”; getting rid of that sort of thinking is the only way I’ll survive training as a 56 year old.

Workout notes:
Swim: 1500 yards: 500 easy, 5 x (50 drill (fins), 50 swim)
4 x 100 on 2:10 (1:49-1:53 each), 100 IM.

Weights: 5 sets of pull ups (ok)
rotator cuff
bench: 10 x 135, 3 x 185, 7 x 170
incline: 10 x 135 (easy)
military/row super set: 3 sets of 10 x 200 Hammer Machine rows, 3 sets of 10 x 40 dumbbells (standing)

yoga: head stand with shoes was a struggle; got it bare footed.

Bodyweight: 184 (gym scale, before but after coffee and breakfast)


September 18, 2015 - Posted by | swimming, weight training

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