GOP Debate two: reminding me why I am not a Republican

I understand why they had so many candidates but; well, when there are too many, you don’t learn much.

The best overall analysis that I’ve read is here..

On style: Fiorina won and Rubio did well. But Fiorina didn’t get much right (as in factually correct). But like the good “leader”, she seemed to know what she was talking about (speaking specifically and decisively) even if she really didn’t.

But, as Bill Clinton pointed out, “being strong but wrong” is ok in these settings.

Trump: he didn’t exactly jump at the chance to weigh in with specifics. But I doubt if he lost supporters; he probably didn’t gain any either.

The JV debate: Jindal looked desperate and Graham: did you know that he has been to the Middle East 35 times? If you want more war, vote for Sen. Graham…who is on the JV for a reason.

Personally: Paul is broke and polling at tiny levels. So the next debate: Carson, Fiorina, Trump, Bush, Rubio. I’d do away with the rest of them.

In terms of who I liked: Gov. Kasich is the only one I’d be comfortable with as President (though I’d vote for any current Democrat over him) and that probably means that Kasich is dead in the water to Republicans. Gov. Pataki was also sort of reasonable, which means that he is toast.

I talked about the debate on Facebook; I probably got unfriended multiple times. I did warn people though.

Personal analysis
I admit that I get very irritated by many liberals. To me, liberals are weak on personal responsibility; too many enable and excuse underachievement. It is almost as if they see no correlation between what one does and where one ends up. (and yes, we don’t have enough economic mobility…that is true).

They also seem to delight in being offended and seem to have some list that dictates the amount of outrage one should feel over certain types of social missteps. It is as if they have never heard of “proportional responses”.

But then I watch one of these debates…and there is NOTHING for me here.

When a conservative tries to make a point, they do so by arguing in cliches and slogans. Liberals rely more on facts. They might not interpret the data correctly; they might not know what an outlier is, or what a rare event is, or what a confidence interval is, or they might extrapolate from a local happening or they might get data from a bad place (e. g. Natural News). But at least they try.

With conservatives, it is all slogans and cliches, all the time. And they are still of the “supply side economics, more war” mindset; they expect the rest of the world to tremble at the sight of the US of A, THE GREATEST COUNTRY THAT THE WORLD HAS EVER KNOWN…..TURN BACK TO GOD…RONALD REAGAN…..BLAH BLAH BLAH…

Hey conservative: if this country DOES rank well in SOME categories (and it does), it sure as hell isn’t because of YOU: often it is IN SPITE OF YOU.

Many of them (not all) make me sick.


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