Busy day, baseball, professional sports, science, etc.

Workout notes
simple untimed 4.2 mile run on the Cornstalk classic course followed by a 10K bike (indoor); 14:30 for 4 miles, 21:26 for 6 and some light yoga.
That makes my knees feel good afterward, and, well, I am thinking that some of my feet tingling is due to PF (in my arch) rather than my back.

I admit that my running performances are starting to embarrass me. But there might be a few things that I can do. One thing is that I can be more conscious of keeping a higher turn over; I can do lower body resistance work and probably some “training for the mile”.

Personal My dad wanted me to go on to play professional (or college) sports. About 26 percent of parents with school aged kids that play sports think that their kids will eventually go pro. That is not realistic…at all. Example: about 1 in 1000 high school baseball players ever play a game of major league professional ball.

Now I did see the Chief’s playoff game against the Kane County Cougars (low A level). The Chiefs won it 2-1 despite stranding lots of runners in the first 4 innings. Here is what happened: it was 1-1 in the bottom of the 9’th and the Chiefs lead off with a double. They sent in a fast pinch runner. Now the next batter; the team slugger, struck out. But he fouled off so many pitches that the pitcher had to work..and got distracted and made a balk. That put the runner on 3’rd with one out.

The Cougars decided to load the bases with intentional walks. Still 1 out.

Then …the pitcher got to a full count on the next batter…and walked him! The pitcher and hitting coach and catcher argued the call (and it was close) but to no avail.

Note: the Cougars had a team batting average of .275 (high), so the Chiefs did a great job of limiting them to one run.

Science Evolutionary biologist Jerry Coyne gives his take on the new hominin discovery. Yes, some of the popular reporting was sensationalized.

A friend (Linda) alerted me to an article about physical knots and slippage.

Politics Yes, Donald Trump is increasing his lead. And, no his remarks about Carly Fiorina aren’t going to hurt him. Mr. Trump’s whole brand is “I don’t have time for this nice PC nonsense; people want someone who will make great deals, protect the country, fix our infrastructure and protect Social Security.”

Heck even *I* find that attractive, though I have deep reservations about his being able to accomplish his policy goals. But I am one who is willing to overlook a nasty personality if that person can “get the job done”. However, in politics, being nasty probably interferes with “getting the job done.”


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