Bridge to Bridge 2015…the bleeding continues

We teach on Labor Day, but since my first class is late, I had time to go to the race with Tracy. It turns out that I STILL would have made a 9 am class since I had optimum parking; it took Tracy just under 53 minutes to finish on a warm day. She places 1’st in the “women over 70” age group.

Temperature: 75 F, 79 percent humidity at 7 am. It was warm.
So, I did about 18 minutes of jogging to warm up and lined up a bit further back than normal.

Result: 36:18 (chip): 8:45/8:56/9:37/8:59

You go up an incline and then up the Bob Michael Bridge (not a steep bridge) but, though I was already sweating hard, I kept the effort in check; so I thought. I told myself that I wanted to catch this lady in turquoise spandex tights. I never did; by mile 3 she was too far ahead and I had to switch to tracking others. One gasping guy and one younger guy did get me in the last .75 miles, but from the first mile onward, I passed more that I got passed…a whole lot more.

We got to the bike path at mile 1 and I wasn’t as far off as I had worried I’d be. I knew that mile 2 would be tough; there is slight incline as one enters the road prior to the Cedar street bridge.

Then came the long, agonizing climb. It is about 80 feet and never seems to end. But I got to the crest and said: ok, there is mile 3, let’s go! No dice. I did pick it up somewhat but on that long straight away from the ball field to downtown, I just felt hot..just hot. It was all I could do to just maintain.

I knew we’d turn just after the police car and get a nice decline, but I had no “sprint” left; none.

Then I walked back; cheered T in and ran Tracy in.

Larry: out of sight by mile 2; to think that he had a crushed pelvis about 2 years ago and could barely walk. He ran 33:56 (even splits); not bad for 73.

Strangely, I am ok with my result; hot weather races are always hard for me. This “equates” to roughly 27:28 for 5K.

I was faster last year (similar conditions):

2014 34:37 (similar conditions)
2013 33:38 (cool)
2012 (Fall) 35:29 (4.2 miles, cool)

This year vs. last year (same weather)

mile 1: +23 seconds (23 back)

mile 2: + 5 seconds (28 back)

mile 3: + 24 seconds (52 back)

mile 4: + 50 seconds (1:41 back)

About half of my slowdown came on the final of the 4 miles.


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