Turning the corner and Trump yet again…

Workout notes: 4 mile run outside (untimed); I ran past the Bradley track team doing strides.
Then 2 miles on the track: 8:53/8:46 (17:39) which wasn’t that easy (lane 2)

Then 15:15 on the bike (4 miles) to make the knees feel good.

This anti-Karl Rove tweet by Trump amused me.


Yes, Paul Krugman said something similar…BEFORE the 2012 election.

And, Bill Maher’s comments about Mr. Trump’s success amused me too:

I think people are asking the wrong question about Donald Trump. It’s not “why,” it’s “why now?” It’s not as if “me build big wall” is a new idea. So why this Republican primary cycle? And the answer is that serious, committed racist know-nothings have nowhere else to go.

This is so crazy-obvious that it’s right in front of us and no one has seen it: For true, hardcore xenophobes – you know, “the base” – the current crop of Republican candidates is too diverse. They look the same to us, but that’s because we’re not a lynch mob.

Here’s how they look to white supremacists… I’m sorry, I mean “commonsense conservative patriots who want their country back”

Surf to see what he says: he points out that the serious bigots would have trouble with the remaining candidates; troubles that we liberals wouldn’t see.

But I should also point out that Trump’s positions of taxing the rich, strengthening Social Security and repairing our infrastructure ARE popular with the Republican base, even if loathed by the economically elite Republicans.


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