56 years old and…

Well, I woke up and was on my walk by 6:45 am. I started from the Riverplex:


Around the goose loop, around the ball field wall, up to the track, 4 laps there

27:30 (2 mile, lane 2)
27:57 (2 mile, lane 2)
2:02 (from the track to the Heights tower park via the path; a few bikes here and then back)
29:02 (2 mile track, lane 2)
36:51 back, which included a short out and back from my car to the edge of the lot

Total: 4:40:41 for 18.63 miles, which is 30 km (the 6 miles on the track was 6.07). Pace: 15:04, which was too slow. However I had stomach trouble; I felt a bit bloated from yesterday.
Weather: 69 F, 90 percent humidity at the start, 75 F with 76 percent at the end. It was sort of sticky. I was not feeling great on the “out” part but then realized it was just the long climb.

I did the track segments to “shame” myself into walking faster; doing nothing but slow walking on the long walks doesn’t really prepare you for the marathon.


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