The power of an apology…

I’ll be the first to admit that I make mistakes. And though it can be tough, I always try to own up to them.

Last night, I found out why that matters, even in little things.

I went to the Peoria Zoo to register for a race and pick up a friend’s packet. It turns out that they would register me but that they wouldn’t give me my friend’s number because she needed to sign a new waiver that they had on the initial application was the wrong one (or did they switch to a new finish line company?)

The zoo employee working the packet pickup was going “we’ll have those numbers out on the table; she’ll get them real quick” ..and I shook my head and said “that’s unfortunate”. There was just something about that person’s conduct that bothered me.

Later, I discussed it with someone. Then it hit me: she never said “I am sorry for your inconvenience” or “we messed up”; never accepted responsibility at all.

I admit that I have a dislike of such people and I try to avoid interacting them when I can.

Note: no, it isn’t a big deal; I get that. But I was wondering why this exchange bothered me. And now I understand why an apology can really smooth things, even if it is an apology over a very minor inconvenience.


August 29, 2015 - Posted by | social/political |

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