2015 Zoo Run Run

I’ve done versions of this race many times; the last time I ran this particular course was 5 years ago.

Just the facts: 28:55 for the 3 lap course; my laps were 9:25, 9:51, 9:38. I finished 41 out of 81; the median runner! It was 71 F and 78 percent humidity.


I got in some brisk walking and jogged one of the loops, plus a bit more to warm up. I felt ready. The course is 3 1.03 mile loops and features some up and down; the course starts with a drop. I managed to let everyone go and just stay moderate on the first loop; I knew that it was a tough day to run. The course had some slightly slick spots that really didn’t give me trouble.

On the second loop I started to look for people to pass; I got some of them and didn’t get passed back. On the third loop I saw Tracy in the distance (she won 1’st in her age group and was to finish about 2 minutes after she had finished her second loop. I came back to get her later.

I didn’t put that much into the second loop and probably was too late in starting my pick up on the 3’rd loop.

Now here is my critique of the race itself:

Packet pick up (both the day before and on race day): pretty bad. I described what went wrong here. And the promise to “have the numbers on the table where they can be picked up real quick (sic)” did NOT materialize. That wasn’t a surprise.

The Race itself Excellent traffic control, volunteers to keep you on course, water every that went fine. The course itself featured small (but frequent) hills and ran past trees and parkland; it was interesting, if tough. Many of the top 19-22 minute runners were 50 seconds slower today. This is NOT a fast course.

Post race good pizza, bagels, fruit and some sweet stuff; it was an excellent spread. Timing: the results were posted pretty quickly.

So the race experience was very good; it was excellent event. The application/packet pick up: bad.

Post FANS 24 hour 5K races
Firecracker, July 4: 26:48 (similar weather)
Pearce Run for the Health of it 27:06 July 11: (same temp, more humid)
JT’s 5K 27:59 July 18, very hot (82 F, 82 percent humidity)
Brimfield 29:06 (hot, muggy)
Hanna City Hustle 26:38 (cooler)

Note: I was the median runner for the second race in a row.


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