Day one of 2015 Fall…

Workout notes: easy 4 mile Cornstalk classic run followed by weights.
The run: for the second time in the past week, a younger woman passed me as I was running up the hill from lower Bradley Park to upper Bradley Park…only to stop at walk at the top. But this time, the woman was shamed back into running as I got near her at the top.

Also: I no longer go after runners I see in the distance as I probably can’t catch them anyway. I did see the two Bradley teams training (men’s and women’s); what they were doing and what I do ..well…we are all moving forward and that is where the resemblance ends. 🙂

Then weights: I knew that my performance would be degraded just a bit:
rotator cuff
pull ups (5 sets of 10: went well)
incline: 10 x 135, 7 x 150 (tough), 4 x 150 (gave into it)
military: standing dumbbell: 7 x 45, 3 x 40, 10 x 40, then seated machine: 7 x 100 (each arm), 5 x 90 (played with seat position; I may have been “cheating”
pull down: two sets of 10 x 160 usual machine, 10 x 150 alternate machine
rows: 2 sets of 10 x 60 (each arm) dumbbell, 10 x 110 machine

There were more people in the gym than in the summer but this seems like a good order for Wednesday.


August 26, 2015 - Posted by | running, weight training

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