More interesting than I’d thought.

I’m getting ready to go lift weights (I slept in) and I read a few more articles about the 2016 campaign. I admit that I am far more interested than I though that I would be. The reason: the insurgent campaigns of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders.

Jonah Goldberg wrote an interesting editorial as did Robert Riech. And yes, these campaigns constitute a bit of a revolt.

Both campaigns take the gloves off when it comes to saying what their respective bases want to hear. (in the case of Sanders, I wonder just HOW he’ll accomplish his goals, but that is for another post)

Donald Trump, while running a hyper “American exceptionalism”, xenophobic campaign, is against dismantling the welfare state. Look at one of his commercials; he rails against our crumbling infrastructure.

I can even relate to some of what he says! (seriously…)

And Trump dismisses those who thinks that “a candidate should never say this or that”; he just flippantly refuses to follow “approved scripts”:

I actually like that too.

Bernie Sanders gets on the press for failing to address the important issues:

Now why am I a Clinton supporter? Well, I think that she has a sober analysis of HOW one gets from “here to there” and she has the smarts to actually do it. And yes, change is frustrating and incremental. And as far as the election: sure, Sanders won his last election with 208 K votes.

Side note
As far as people going on about President O’s approval ratings: they are tracking the historical trend very well. (from here)


I included President Bush’s numbers so you can see what “low numbers look like”.


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