Colors, running, campaign and hops…

Workout notes 10K run from the House to Markin; on the way our the women’s track team was doing a “side hopping” drill…and still moving at my “running” pace. Sigh.
Glorious day for the run though; afterward I did 10 minutes on the bike for my knees.

Colors: for some reason, I like the way that the old football uniforms were colored. I can’t put the finger on why I like them better than today’s:


Baseball Last night the Chiefs bombed the Snappers 15-2; they got 18 hits and 3 home runs. The Snappers got 2 runs in the 6’th when the Chiefs reliever struck out 3 batters, but allowed 2 solo home runs. Go figure.
The Snapper starting pitcher looked like a tall, skinny junior high kid (from a distance), though he is 6′ 1″ and 180..but he still made the glove pop with 90-94 mph fast balls. But the Chiefs hit him.

Climate Change: it was the hottest July ever recorded (world wide), though it wasn’t unusually hot here.

Bernie Sanders has the support of Cornel West. While Professor West does have a sterling track record in academics (as a scholar), well, I think that he jumped the shark as an activist

Here is what I like about Hillary Clinton: I like her straight forward approach with allies.

Donald Trump: is he filling a void? Note that he isn’t against dismantling the welfare state.



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