It is real and my slacking has to stop

Workout notes: 5 mile walk outside (14:20’ish pace), 3 inside (middle lane, 12:20 each for 37:00). My goal pace for the marathon is 12:30 so this was an adequate workout, given the tough weekend.
I followed with 10 minute of cycling and some yoga, and another “so-so” headstand.

The University Conference starts in about 50 minutes, so the start of the school year is really here; tomorrow I write up syllabi for my courses (engineering/science calculus II, numerical analysis, theory of interest), make up review sheets, etc. Classes start a week from tomorrow. And yes, unless I am seriously injured or sick, I don’t miss opening day.

Baseball game tonight and tomorrow night; football season opens (for me) on the first Friday in September.

So, it is time to come off of the summer sleep/wake up schedule and finalize my “semester workout” routines…while hopefully fitting in some research time. Of course, administration will try to pile on BS as, well, administrators have resumes to build! So, I’ll practice:

No. No. No. No. No.

Election time
I know that primaries are still a long way away (a football regular season away!) and I seriously thought that I’d be uninterested in this election.
So far: Hillary Clinton is laying groundwork and catching flak for stupid things (she is a flak magnet)
Bernie Sanders is providing fool’s gold our purity trolls.
And Donald Trump is shaking things up on the GOP side. Suck it, Charles Krauthammer!

I just love it that Donald Trump can tell “activists” to just go f**k themselves, whereas the Democrats are oh-so-gentle with them.

No, there is no danger in my voting Republican, unless the Democrats nominate David Duke or some other wacko.

But, I am much more entertained that I thought that I would be.



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