So, what shape is Hillary Clinton in? She might lose some states but…

Though the purity trolls rage, Hillary Clinton is still in good shape. I’m not saying that she is a “lock” and I believe that she will lose a few states to Bernie Sanders.

If you look back on Democratic primary races from 1988 to now, in 2000 Gore made a clean sweep. But in the other primaries where there was no incumbent, the winner did NOT sweep:

1988: Jackson: 9 states plus DC, Gore: 7 states, Gephart: 3 states, Simon: 1 state.
1992: Tsongas: 7 states, Brown: 6 states, Kerrey: 1 state, Harkin: 1 state.
2004: Edwards: 2 states, Clark: 1 state, Dean: 1 state.
2008: Clinton: 21 states.


So, expect Sanders to win a few states.


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  1. […] But a lot can happen between now and next June and yes, I expect her to lose a few states. […]

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