Long walk topic: why Donald Trump is better than Bernie Sanders (in a way)

Today’s walk: whew! it started at about 5:50 and ended 4:46:34 later. I had covered 19.2 miles (14:54 pace).
Temperature: 71 F with 87 percent humidity at the start, 86 with 53 percent humidity at the end. Needless to say, I suffered. The shady parts were wonderful.

Course: my house to McClure where I picked up the old Boredom course, which I stayed on until the place where Bishop Hill met the trail (8 miles); I took the trail down to Hooters, going around the ball field wall and the Goose loop.
Then I doubled back (added 3.2 miles) on the trail (to the marina entrance and back) and then took it on home. I suffered on the unshaded parts.


I saw a few runners out there; a strong young man with a pretty woman on a bike pacing him (I hate him! 😉 ) and even a couple of young women in brief jog bras and cropped spandex shorts. And there were a few other old fools (besides me) cluttering up the landscape.

Yes, this walk was significantly better than my previous 19 miler but I was “sort of” spent when I finished (by “workout standards”).

I was thinking about the pre-primary election. Since I am friends with a lot of “progressives” on Facebook (young liberals and old hippies mostly) I am hearing about Bernie Sanders …constantly.

He is “the candidate that can’t be bought”, they say.


Now among my older, smarter friends (e. g. those with graduate degrees and professional certifications), there is a bit of a split. Some really don’t want to be “stuck” with Hillary Clinton; others like her. Though I am NOT a fan of hers, I happen to see her as the strongest, most qualified that we have.

But back to the “candidate that can’t be bought” slogan. That applies to someone else as well: Donald Trump.

There is one important difference though: Trump doesn’t give a damn what anyone thinks, whether the other person is a nobody or a genuine credentialed expert. On the other hand, Sanders panders to the liberal base by filing “snowball’s chance in Hell” bills (“medicare for all” and “free college“). I see no difference between these bills and the numerous “repeal Obamacare” bills that the Republicans are always filing: it is a publicity stunt to dupe the less-than-intelligent masses in their respective constituencies.

By the way, I’d actually back both but there is no chance that we’ll see anything like that in the near future. 15 years from now? Who knows.

And just to be clear. If Bernie Sanders wins the Democratic nomination, I’ll vote for him (after throwing up and accepting the fact that we’ll have 8 years of a Republican president)


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